Categories Of Rooms

There are different categories of accommodations available in Kailash Hospital. Categorisation of rooms has been done keeping in mind the suitability of accommodation and affordability of hospitalisation to a wider cross section of the society. Following are the various categories of rooms available at Kailash Hospital -

  • Economy General Ward
  • Semi Private Sharing
  • Private Deluxe / Super Deluxe / Suites / Single Private 
Category of rooms
Charges (in Rupees)
Deluxe Suites 20,500/-
Suites 16,250/-
Single Super Deluxe Rooms 9,000/-
Single Deluxe Rooms 7,500/-
Single Private Rooms 6,250/-
Double Bed Sharing Rooms (Each Bed) 3,950/-
General Ward 1,950/-


Apart from above categories of accommodation, there are various ICUs where the patients are treated depending on their condition and nature of ailments.


Various ICUs Charges (in Rupees)
C.T.V.S - ICU & CCU 9,200/-
M.ICU & NEURO ICU 9,200/-
BURN UNIT 7,950/-
HDU ICU / HDU Single Room / TICU 7,950/-
HDU Sharing Room 6,250/-
Gynae Sharing Room 5,750/-
PICU 5,550/-
Paed Care Unit 2,950/-
CASUALITY (Short Admission More than 2 Hr.)   1,200/-
CASUALITY (Short Admission Less than 2 Hr.)   600/-
DAY CARE   1,450/-
CTVS Step Down   8,100/-
CCU Step Down  8,100/-