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  • VHS Hospital, Chennai,
  • VIMHANS, New Delhi,ESCORTS, New Delhi,
  • Artemis,Gurgaon, Goodwill Hospital, Noida
  • Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Registration: Indian Medical Council,West Bengal Medical Council, Delhi Medical
Council, Haryana Medical Council
Membership: Neurological Society of India,
AO Spine,
Invited Active International Member, CNS, USA  
Dr. Mukherjee is a vastly experienced and skilled brain and spine Surgeon.

His total experience in Neurosurgery is more than 20 years.He has performed
most difficult cases of brain tumours, head injuries and spine disorders  with great
success and remarkable recovery. He has worked with most eminent Neurosurgeons
of India and abroad.  The basic training of Neurosurgery  by Prof B.Ramamurthi, the
legendary Neurosurgeon and father of Neurosurgery in India. In abroad he worked
with some legendary figures like Prof Gentili, Prof Bernstein and Prof Abhijit
Guha.Also he has worked in collaboration with Neuro pathologist, Scientists,  and
Neurophysicians. He has several publications and text book chapters in international
publications like Elsevier. His clinical research on low Grade Glioma ( brain tumor )
was nominated for an award by AANS, USA.He has  been a great teacher and actively
involved in academic activities.He also participates in social welfare activities to help
the society and is also involved in  seminars and CMEs to increase the awareness
related to neurosurgery amongst physicians and general public.

Field of Interest

  • Surgical   Neuro Oncology
  • Complex Spine surgery
  • Awake  brain  Surgery
  • Brain and Spine Trauma
  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery


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