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Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics (Kailash Hospital, Sector 27, Noida)

Fetal medicine is the sub speciality of Obstetrics that deals with the baby inside the mother’s womb, the unborn patient. As our understanding of the fetal environment and fetal physiology has improved, we are detecting more & more problems in the unborn fetus.

Increased knowledge and technological advances in the prenatal screening and diagnosis, have improved our capability to detect problems (like congenital malformations, and genetic syndromes) before birth and provide therapeutic interventions and procedures.

Our Fetal Medicine specialists in Noida provide prenatal care and counseling to parents that include information on the fetal health, potential risks during pregnancy and strategies to minimize their risks. This helps parents to make informed decisions about their pregnancy and ensure optimal health outcomes for their baby.


Various diagnostic techniques:

Early pregnancy scans

Typically performed around 6-10 weeks gestation, can confirm a viable pregnancy, estimate due date, & assess for potential complications.

First trimester combined screening (NT/NB Scan)

This is done between 11-13+6 weeks. Information regarding fetus’s growth, anatomy and markers for chromosomal abnormalities are provided in this ultrasound. Combined screening provides risk assessment for aneuploidies like Downs syndrome, pre-eclampsia and fetal growth restriction during pregnancy.

Anomaly scans (Level II)/ Target Scan/ TIFFA

Anomaly scan in pregnancy is a detailed ultra sound to assess the fetal growth, amniotic fluid and structure with the help of anomaly scan report

Cervical Screening

It is the transvaginal scan to measure the length of the cervix (mouth of the womb). It’s a crucial assessment to identify potential risks of preterm birth & ensure appropriate medical intervention if needed.

Fetal Echocardiography

It is the detailed structural and functional evaluation of the fetal heart and its connections.

Fetal well-being scans/ Growth & Fetal Doppler/ Fetal Biophysical profile

It is an assessment of the fetal weight, amniotic fluid and fetal blood flows.

Multiple pregnancy scans like twins, triplets

Specialized scans are done to monitor the well being, diagnose, treat, if possible, the complications specific to twins.

Fetal Neurosonogram

It is the comprehensive detailed evaluation of fetal brain and spine. It provides detailed information about fetal development, structure, and potential abnormalities.

Genetic Counseling

Is offered to the prospective parents who have history of affected children, previous bad obstetric history or any fetal malformation detected in any ongoing pregnancy.

3D/ 4D Scans

3D scans shows still pictures in three dimensions while 4D scans shows moving 3D images of your baby. In 4D scan you can see baby kicking or opening & closing their eyes.

Non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT)

Is a maternal blood test based on cell free DNA for screening for common aneuploidies especially trisomy 21.

CVS (Chorionic Villous Sampling)

It is the prenatal diagnostic procedure done to take the sample from the developing placenta by inserting a needle into it through the maternal abdomen.


It is done to take the sample of amniotic fluid around the baby by inserting the needle through the mother’s womb into the amniotic cavity.

Fetal blood sampling (Cordocentesis)

It is done to collect fetal blood sample by inserting needle into the umbilical cord.

Fetal reduction

It is the procedure done to reduce triplet/ higher order pregnancies to singleton/ twins.

Amnioreduction / Amniodrainage

The procedure done to drain excessive fluid around the baby as in polyhydramnios.

Intrauterine fetal blood transfusion (IUT)

Is the transfusion of blood to the fetus inside the womb in case of fetal anemia.

Shunt Procedures

Specialized procedures in which a shunt or a hollow tube is placed through maternal abdomen & uterus into a fluid filled anomaly in fetus to drain fluid into amniotic sac like thoraco-amniotic or Vesico-amniotic shunt.

Laser & Radiofrequency ablation (Laser & RFA)

These are advanced procedures in which we use additional energy like radiofrequency waves or laser to stop blood flow in an abnormal fetus. It is done in monochorionic twin pregnancies.

Realizing the importance of the above services, the Department of Fetal Medicine & Medical Genetics has been established at Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute. The department has a fully functional invasive procedure wing which is the first of its kind in Noida.

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Dr. Neha Gupta


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Dr. Neha Gupta


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Dr. Pratima Dash


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Fetal Medicine



Dr. Pratima Dash


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