Paediatric Nephrology

Paediatric Nephrology (Kailash Hospital, Sector 27, Noida)

Kidney diseases generally occur due to poor lifestyle or the growing age, while children may also suffer from problems related to their kidneys which could be either congenital such as hydronephrosis or obstruction in the urinary tract. Breaking the age factor, Kidney stones, renal failure and other kidney diseases are also seen affecting children nowadays. Sometimes Children may also contract Urinary tract infections.

Treating Kidney problems in children is not easy & similar to the adults. Specialized Paediatric nephrology expertise and skills are needed to treat children through a dedicated team of paediatric nephrologists.

Department of Paediatric Nephrology deals with diagnosis, treatment & management of disorders affecting kidney & urinary tract in children. Our Paediatric Nephrologists team up with specialized physicians, nurses, dieticians to treat kidney stones, renal failure, inherited kidney diseases, high BP, urine abnormalities (presence of blood and protein).

Paediatric Nephrology Services:

  • Kidney Stone treatment
  • Dialysis
  • Kidney biopsies
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring
  • X-ray studies interpretation of kidney
  • Interpretation of laboratory studies related to kidney

Team of Doctors

Dr. Nehakumari V Pandey

Dr. Nehakumari V Pandey


Areas of Expertise:

Paediatric Nephrologist



Dr. Nehakumari V Pandey


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